P.G. Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology was established with an aim to provide quality education to students and to contribute for the development of Animal Sciences and Zoological studies. The Department places emphasis on laboratory component in the teaching curriculum. Under the banner of Environmental Society, the Department regularly organizes Educational Trips to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, Science Fest, Guest Lectures etc. The Department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. Our pedagogy focuses on basic and applied fields of Zoology assisted with demos, models, videos, etc. The Departmental laboratories include-a wet laboratory having all the high level equipments required for the better understanding of zoology. A graduate degree in Zoology opens a vast range of career opportunities in the field such as Teaching and Research, Forensics, Indian Forest Services, Indian Administrative Services, including working as zoo curators, museum curators, animal and wildlife educators, wildlife rehabilitators and conservationists, Research Project assistants and in higher specialized studies. The career opportunities for a post graduate in Zoology are limitless. Some of the employment areas which provide huge openings for the M.Sc. Zoology candidates are medical laboratories, wildlife rehabilitation centre, hatcheries, agricultural departments, museum services, conservation agencies, scientific civil services, environment or ecosystem management sector, environmental consulting firms, and so on. In addition, there are numerous opportunities in the field of research in India and abroad.

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1 Student Activities Educational Visit to Government Fish Farm Ropar on 30th April 2024
2 Student Activities Report Visit for Hands on training Zoology 30th April 2024
3 Student Activities Educational Tour Zoology 26-29 March 2024
4 Student Activities Earth Day Report on 22 April, 2024
5 Student Activities Report MOU Lab Visit on 15th March, 2024
6 Student Activities wetland day zoology 5 feb 2024
7 Student Activities International day of education & international zebra day 27 Jan 2024 Zoology
8 Student Activities National Bird Day 5th Jan 2024 Zoology
9 Student Activities WORLD WILDLIFE WEEK 1-8 october 2023 zoology
10 Student Activities NATIONAL NUTRITION WEEK 6th September 2023
11 Student Activities world bee day 21 AUGUST, 2023 ZOOLOGY
12 Student Activities Major tour Zoology March 17-20, 2023
13 Student Activities Zoology Hands on training 10 April 2023
14 Student Activities Wetland Day on 6th February, 2023
15 Student Activities Quiz competition to celebrate Punjab Day on 1st November, 2022
16 Student Activities Reports World Wildlife Week 2022 Zoology 01 to 08 Oct, 2022
17 Student Activities Reports World Wildlife Week 2022 Zoology 1st to 8th October, 2022
18 Student Activities World Ozone Day 16 Sept 2022 Zoology
19 Student Activities Visit to Fish Farm & Archaeological Museum 5th May 2022
20 Student Activities An Educational Tour to Jim Corbett National park Nainital, Utrakhand March 24-27, 2022
21 Student Activities WORLD WILDLIFE WEEK October 1-8, 2021
22 Student Activities WORLD OZONE DAY CELEBRATION September 16, 2021
23 Student Activities MOSQUITO CONTROL WEEK May 1-7, 2021
24 Student Activities An Educational trip to Ranthanbore National park February 21-23, 2020
25 Student Activities An Educational trip to Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana February 11, 2020
26 Student Activities An Educational trip to Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana February 11, 2020
27 Student Activities Celebration of Wildlife Week October 20, 2019
28 Student Activities Celebration of World Nature Conservation Day July 28, 2019
29 Student Activities Celebration of World Environment Day June 5, 2019
30 Student Activities Poem Recitation Competition October 4, 2018
31 Student Activities Blood Donation Awareness Drive October 3, 2018
32 Student Activities Celebration of World Ozone Day September 16, 2018
33 Student Activities Wildlife Photograph Exhibition Contest on the eve of National Science Day Celebrations February 26, 2018
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