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When you study Political Science, you’ll learn about how political power is distributed, how different governments operate and interact, how rules are made and enforced. You will explore both the “who” of politics (such as politicians, international organizations, and the public) and the “how” (such as elections, political institutions, and public administration). Political science is the study a range of political ideas, events, actions, and institutions. It includes both understanding and explaining the world of politics that is all around us. Political Science is concerned with the many institutions, organizations and norms that determine how people perceive society, and in turn, how they interact within it.

If you’re considering a career in the government, as a lawyer, as a social advocate, or perhaps with an international organization like the United Nations, then studying Political Science is an obvious choice. If you’re interested in journalism and the media, or perhaps public relations, then this might be the place to begin.

Student of Political Science will gain expertise and proficiency in experience working with others and interacting in a diverse community; greater command of reading, writing and critical thinking; research and analysis skills that are valuable in a range of employment areas; an ability arrive at decisions based on the analysis and synthesis of information and data; an ability to engage with political events and a greater understanding of the processes involved in different political systems around the world. By studying political science from a very rudimentary level, we can ensure that we will all become responsible and are citizens who can benefit from and contribute to the successful running of a nation.

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M. A., M. Phil, Ph.D, UGC-NET
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Phil.

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