Procedure and Policies


Procedures and Policies for Utilization of Physical, Academic and Support Facilities The institute is spread over 18 acres of land with a beautifully landscaped campus offering a charming ambiance and easily accessible facilities. The need and convenience of the students are kept in view for maintaining and utilizing various academic and support facilities.

    1. Women Hostel Facility

Women's hostel facility provides a safe and secure home away from home to the girl students coming from far off places or neighbouring states. It provides a healthy environment for mental and physical growth of its inmates. Well furnished rooms and recreation hall are the prized possessions being utilized by the students anytime.

    1. Laboratories

The Laboratories are available in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Agriculture and Computer Science. Recently labs have been introduced in retail Management and Hospitality Management by the department of commerce. Every department has developed procedures and policies for the use of labs as per their own requirement. General rules for the conduct of students during practical’s in labs are common. The students are made aware of them in beginning of the session. All the labs are maintained from time to time. The chemicals and instruments are always sufficient in amount and number. Adequate student teacher ratio is maintained in labs for smooth conduct of Practical's.

    1. Library

The library is equipped with SOUL Software. The library has its own set of rules which are displayed for the knowledge of students. A web link is provided from where anyone can obtain information about the books available in the library. The students are provided with Library cards. The faculty also has been provided with the Library cards. The books are issued for a certain period.

    1. Sports Complex

The college is facilitated with sports ground maintained by the department of Physical Education. The ground is equipped with 400 meter track. A separate Basketball ground is also developed by the college. The ground is used for multifarious activities. The sports ground is used for staging Annual Athletic meet and other sports event.

    1. Computer Labs

The college has 7 computer labs well organized and maintained by the Department of Computer Science. Since, the computers are updated from time to time catering to include new technologies and updated software's. Every student is given its own system during practical lab work. The rules for the smooth functioning of labs have been framed by the department and are strictly adhered too. 6) Class Rooms The classrooms are maintained by the college administrative staff. Each class has been provided with independent class room. This helps in saving time and developing proper study environment. The class rooms are allotted keeping in mind the strength of the students in each class so that proper environment is provided to the students.

    1. Wi-Fi campus

High speed internet connectivity is provided throughout the campus and the Women hostel.

    1. E- Surveillance

Whole campus is under Surveillance Camera System with high definition CCTV cameras. 9) Gymnasium College has a well-equipped gymnasium with world class facilities.

Procedures and Policies